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If you are tempted to have cupcakes for your wedding cake then take a look as some of the divine creations by The Urban Bakery, based in Leamington Spa, who also offer a cupcakes  and cookies by post service if you are not local to the area.  Personally I love the idea of cupcakes as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, not only are they already sized so you don’t need to worry about the cake cutting, but I’m quite a fan of sponge cake of the plain or chocolate variety over fruit cake any day.   

Alternatively you can choose to use cupcakes as favours for your guests, who likes sugared almonds anyway!  And if cupcakes aren’t for you then the company have now launched The Urban Cookie Collection that would also make ideal favours.

All these gorgeous creations from The Urban Bakery look too good to eat, but fear not, if the reviews are anything to go by then you will find they taste just as delicious as they look and if you want to take a look as some more pictures they also have a Facebook page with loads of photos to give you plenty of inspiration.  I’m just deciding what occasion I could make an excuse for using them for!

The Urban Bakery

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Orchid Cupcakes
I think cupcakes instead of the traditional tiered wedding cakes are a fantastic  idea, not only do they look stunning on a cascading display stand, but it allows you to incorporate different colour schemes and flowers, as the cakes such as this one by Carolyn Mackenzie are individually priced.  These cupcakes with Phalaenopsis orchids are £5.50 per cake, which you could have for all the adults and then incorporate some butterfly or rabbit cupcakes for the children.  You can also have different types of cake such as chocolate sponge, victoria sponge or fruit cakes this way, as lets be honest not everyone likes the traditional fruit cake, and if you’re going to spend a few hundred pounds on a cake you at least want it to be enjoyed.