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Butterfly Wedding Cakes

We have featured butterflies a number of times on this site.  It is a popular wedding theme for wedding invitations, favours and table decoration but we had to look a little harder to find gorgeous butterfly themed wedding cakes.  This seemed a little surprising because the staged tiers of a wedding cake lend themselves perfectly to have butterflies perched at each level for a pretty minimalistic style.  Featured above our 12 of the best finds. 

A.  All in white this delicate butterfly cake is part of the contemporary collection from Celeb Cakes.

B.  Also from Celeb Cakes this design features individual butterfly wedding cakes with a larger cake on the 5th tier.

C.  I am a fan of Not on the High Street which features hundreds of small cottage industry suppliers and is a perfect site to find those individual finishing touches that you might struggle to find from larger stores.  Not on the High Street detail who the manufacturer is so it is worth Googling them to find out more about them and to see whether the same product is available by buying direct.  This 3 tier square butterfly cake is made by Cakes by Robin which have their own website at www.londoncake.co.uk.  You will find their butterfly cake under their Modern Collection.  The Not on the High Street listing for Cakes by Robin has a good close up of the sugar crafted butterflies.

D.  This cake from Alison J Swayne is absolutely gorgeous.  This vintage birdcage cake design is stunningly original and the designer has resisted the temptation to cover it is butterflies.  The overall effect is natural and elegant; perfect for a summer garden wedding celebration.

E.  This pink and blue design reminded me of the CCA Occasions butterflies wedding invitation design in pink and blue which was featured recently on  the Wedding Stationery Gallery.  It would coordinate rather well and can be found under the Wedding Cakes section from Cakeydora

F.  I don’t think there is one wedding cake from Maisie Fantaisie that I do not like and with a bold claim that their cakes taste as good as they look this Blue Butterfly wedding cake must be truly scrumptious.  The cake features handmade sugar bow and butterflies.  Although based in London Maisie Fantaisie offer a nationwide delivery service.

G.  Butterlies, feathers and diamantes.  The ultimate in delicate finishes for this flouncy free spirited wedding cake from Special Day Cakes.  Available as a 3 tier or 4 tier cake.  A little off topic here but whilst browsing their site you must check out their unique helter skelter wedding cake.  I have never seen anything like it!

H.  Butterflies and Daisies have a whole range of butterfly cake toppers which enable you to decorate your own baked cake or a shop bought white iced cake (check out the plain iced white tiered wedding cake from M & S).  This enables you to make your own creation at a fraction of the cost.  Since there is an M&S in most major towns and cities you can order online and pick up at your local store.  Adding the cake topper is an absolute breeze.

I.  It is difficult to see in this image but the icing on this cake is the palest of blues.  The butterflies on this cake are extremely delicate and the large butterflies flying from the top tier have large ruffled wings.  Available in a variety colours this cake is available from the aptly named White Butterfly Company.

J.  This original monochrome butterfly wedding cake is made from feathered rice paper to produce an unusual but suitable delicate backdrop for the black butterflies that seem to dance around the cake as if carried by the breeze.  Available in three sizes from cake4fun.

Rainbow Wedding Flowers
Once upon a time silk flowers were just far too passé to use for your wedding bouquet, reception flowers or cake decoration, but there are many viable reasons for using them now, the most important being, they have come a long way from the blindingly obvious artificial flowers of the 1980’s and now look and even feel more realistic.  The budget concious bride will know that not only are artificial flowers cheaper because they are always in season and are not affected by growing costs and transportation costs, but they are true value for money because they can be kept forever as a reminder and be given to members of the bridal party as keepsakes too.  Obviously there is an environmental impact as well to choosing silk flowers since they don’t have to be shipped from abroad if they are not native to this country or are not in season here, they also won’t be affected by volcanos erupting causing airspace closure!!!  The growing trend for supermarket bought wedding cakes is another reason why silk flowers are becoming more popular, with such a great variety of simply iced wedding cakes available from all the main supermarkets,  all you need to do now is top them with a floral display and it will look like you have spent hundreds on your wedding cake.  This Scottish thistle and calla lily cake top is just £14 from Rainbow Wedding Flowers and is one of many different designs of cake toppers available as well as bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and reception and venue flowers.  My favourite reception decoration has to be this stunning birdcage centrepiece which costs £32.99, forget wedding reception decoration, I want one for my house!
Rainbow Wedding Flowers


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Marks & Spencer now offer decorated wedding cakes with a great range available from a Classic Chocolate Rose wedding cake that serves 144 costing just  £199 to something really funky like the Fashionable stripes cake costing £249.  All the cakes are also available in mini versions for a really contemporary look and cost £35 for six.  These cakes are pretty cheap when you compare them to some of the prices you could pay for a cake maker to make one for you, but if you’re looking for something even cheaper, you buy your cake from Marks &Spencer, safe in the knowledge that it will be great quality, and then decorate it yourself.  


You can buy individual traditional wedding sponge cakes costing between £12 and £38, or traditional wedding fruit cakes costing between £22 and £55, that are decorated with simple piped icing and then add your own finishing touches.  Choose flowers for a traditional style or take a look at a supplier we have featured before (Butterflies and Daisies) for some stunning cake toppers like this Swarovski Crystal Fountain Cake Topper that costs £59.99.


He may look all cutesy and innocent but the loveable teddy who already gets away with being scruffy all the time is now muscling his way in on the Wedding scene.  Me to You is probably the flagship brand for Carte Blanche and Tatty Teddy has always filled the shelves of Clintons and other card shops and for a Greeting Card he fits the bill perfectly.  Would I want a teddy bear on the front of my wedding invitations ?…. I dont think so.  It does’nt matter what age you are when you marry but to me the act of marriage (and having a child of course) is one of the most “growing up and being a responsible adult” things you can do.  Lots of people will disagree with me here, such is the might of this cutesy bear, so I will bail out and enlighten you into the world of Tatty Teddy as a wedding theme.  Bear in mind that this is just a small sample of the heaps of merchandise available under the ‘Me to You’ brand.

Tatty Teddy Invitations
Tatty Teddy Wedding InvitationsCollisons have the monopoly here. That’s the thing with ‘Me to You’ and any money making brand you need a licence of course and Collisons have the rights to print. You cannot buy your wedding invitations directly from Collisons because they sell through a distribution of agents. You can check their website for a store locator but you will find that the best deals are to be had on line. There are two designs using Tatty Teddy and Olivia Samuel currently have both at 20% discount. The first is simply called Tatty Teddy and the other is a new pocket design is called Wedding Bears.  The unusual thing is that even the personalised Typeface inside the cards are licenced.  So, when you order these invitations you will have the genuine Tatty Teddy scrawl to accompany them.

Tatty Teddy Cake Toppers
These are all over the place.  One of the best places to start is Ebay where you will always find a dozen or so on sale for around £5.00.  All Things Gifts do the Me to You Bears Cake topper(below left) for £6.00 which includes free P & P that probably beats most Ebay listings and if you are looking something you can use as a Keepsake after the wedding that take a look at H Samuel who do the Me to You Wedding Bliss figurine (below right) for £24.99.  It is not actually marketed a cake topper but I do not see why it cannot be used as one.  The size seems OK but the weight may be a let down.


Tatty Teddy Guest Books, Albums and other accessories
All Things Gifts have both a Photo Album and Guest Book for sale and a whole host of other Tatty Teddy wedding accessories such as photo albums, lucky horseshoe, ring cushions and lots of soft toy Tatty Teddy bears perfect for younger bridesmaids and page boys.