Wedding Stationery

Giving in Celebration Place Cards

You will not find place cards as memorable and full of meaning as those provided by the Giving in Celebration site of Cancer Research. For a minimum donation of £1.00 per guest you get a simple personalised place card and an optional Cancer Research UK pin badge.

There is nothing fancy about these place cards of course but the good that shines through them make them a unique and truly wonderful alternative to anything your wedding stationery supplier can offer you.

If you already have your stationery sorted then you can also set up a wedding list with a difference on the same site.  Your guests can make a donation to cancer research rather than furnish you with another toaster or fondue set.


These Save the Date fridge magnets from Pink Sherbet are a great idea for making sure your guests don’t forget your wedding date.  All their Save the Date designs are available as fridge magnets and they have a good choice to cover all seasons and styles.  It’s very easy for a card to get put in that pile of ‘to do’ paperwork, but a fridge magnet will be there as a constant reminder.  Save the dates are particularly important if your wedding is during the peak summer months, or when your wedding is near Christmas as people have lots of functions to go to and you don’t want them to forget in the hustle and bustle of office parties and family functions. 


Have you got the most beautiful invitations possible for your wedding?  Of course you have, you’ve chosen them to set the tone for the day and they are perfect.  But you don’t want to ruin them with handwriting that looks like a spider’s crawled across the page, or you just want something classy to send your guests.  Cue The Wedding Calligrapher.  They will write your invitations, placecards, and seating plan and more.  If you haven’t got your stationery sorted yet, they have some lovely designs to choose and are happy to discuss bespoke options.  Personally I think the seating plans are fantastic and good value for money too.


You may be looking for an all out, funky and flamboyant way to set the tone for your Civil Partnership, or you may be looking for a simple and sophisticated way to announce your forthcoming celebration.  Either way, Pink Wedding Stationery  has something to suit your requirements.  The wording on the invitations can be changed to what will suit your day best, so whether you want to have Civil Partnership Ceremony or Gay Wedding Invitation, they will meet your requirements at no extra cost. They also offer a bespoke service if there is something you are particularly keen to have.

Free Wedding Keepsake Box

Olivia Samuel have just launched a pretty neat offer on their CCA Occasions range of wedding stationery.  Simply spend over £150.00 on wedding stationery and you get a Free Keepsake Box absolutely free.

In fact, there is probably never been a better time to buy CCA wedding stationery from Olivia Samuel because they also have a big 15% discount and a further 5% if you buy through Google Checkout.  Nearly all the wedding invitation designs on the website have real reviews from customers who have bought the stationery.  This doesnt replace getting a sample before you order but it does help you to narrow the choice because there are just so many to choose from. 

Personalised Ribbon

Personalised wedding ribbon is often shown to decorate favour boxes as above but there are so many other uses.  You could use the ribbon to decorate hand made wedding invitations, use it to hold the pages in your orders of service, tie it in a bow around the napkins at your wedding reception or wrap it around the tiers of your wedding cake.

The personalised wedding ribbon in the image above is from Isis in Wales and has the bride and grooms name and wedding date in Gold Foil on ivory ribbon or Silver Foil on white ribbon.

Wedding InvitationNearly every wedding invitation supplier I have come across offers simple advice on when to send our your wedding invitations.  If you took note of the majority of them then you would come to the conclusion that 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding is the right time to post them.  What a load of nonsense !

If only it were that straightforward.  I think a bit of common sense is in order here.  Everyone’s wedding is different.  If you have having a small family get together then most of your guests will already know when you wedding is so the timing may not be that important and the invitations are more of a formality.  Alternatively, you may have jumped on the ‘Save the Date’ bandwagon and informed your guests well in advance of the big day which serves to render the timing of the invitation as less critical because your guests will already have your wedding date circled on their calendars.

When you send your invitations becomes much more important when you are having a wedding in the busy summer season.  If you send your invitation 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding you may find that many of your guests have already booked their summer holidays and will not be able to attend or worse still somebody else has beaten you too it and your guest has two wedding invites for the same date.  This is also true of a christmas wedding when people make plans well in advance.

Another factor to consider is when you require the replies to the invitations.  Many wedding caterers will want to know the number of guests attending well in advance and you wedding stationer will need to know guests names to finalise your table plan.  You need to give your guests time to respond and you need to consider the time you require for organisation.

In short my advice is to ignore the generalistic advice offered by the wedding stationery firms and trust your own instincts.  Nobody knows your guests and circumstances better than you.

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Clintons Cards 

After many years of supplying wedding stationery through a partnership with CCA Occasions it would appear that Clinton Cards have switched camps to partner with another leading wedding stationer Collisons for their personalised wedding stationery.

CCA Occasions have some large high street names behind them who are outlets for their large range of wedding stationery including BHS, Debenhams, and WH Smith so it is interesting to see a big name such as Clintons Cards jump ship.  Collisons have recently introduced their own direct to public brand Paper Themes which launched late last year.  Maybe Collisons are trying to claw back some of the market share that CCA have dominated for so long.


Pure Lily at Olivia Samuel
Pure Lily at Olivia Samuel

These have got be the most beautiful calla lily wedding invitations that I have ever come across.  Individually hand made lilies by Chapter One in Southampton and available nationwide by mail order.  I first came across the Pure Lily design in You and Your Wedding magazine and then came across it again at and have now fallen in love with it.  There are 8 beautiful designs in the collection in addition to Pure Lily and you can download a brochure from their website or request a free brochure online.

The invitation features a hand crafted clay lily with a twisted silver wire stem which is mounted on a beaded silk paper.  What makes the invitations really stand out is the individual postal boxes to send to your guests.  You can really go for the full coordinated look as well because there are 14 items in each including menus, napkin rings, favour boxes, table plan, and orders of service.

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Heart Place Card from The Little ThingsHow extraordinarily different….  A website that sells pretty much nothing but place cards.  The Little Things sell just about every type of place card under the sun.  They have pop up place cards, butterfly place cards, rose place cards, and these lovely heart place cards pictured above which have a sparkly heart bead embellishment.  The prices range from under £1.00 each for a plain place card to around £3.99 with all the flourishes.