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Butterfly Blossom From Olivia Samuel
Butterfly Blossom From Olivia Samuel

Well I have to admit I’m biased when it comes to the Butterfly Blossom design as it is one of our ranges at Olivia Samuel, but for me it defines the quintesstial English garden, making it perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Now vintage is a word that is banded about alot (especially in the wedding industry) but I’m happy to call it just good old fashioned!  Why?  Because it reminds me of my grandparents garden when I was little.  The powder blue background of this design is the same blue as the hydrangea bush which sat next to their front door, that signalled summer was here when it bloomed.

We chose a delicate font for the text (which is gold foiled onto the card) so that it would compliment the pattern rather than overpower it and have printed onto a shimmer board to keep that lovely old fashioned romantic look.  Swarovski crystals have been used to highlight the butterflies as even my nan liked a little bit of sparkle, and a pretty cream bow (optional) adds that feminine touch.

Butterfly Blossom wedding invitations cost £3.50 each, with quantity discounts starting at quantities of 50 or more.

Daisy Wedding Theme

If you are planning a Spring wedding then a fresh daisy theme is perfect and these daintiest of flowers can look great on a reception table.  Daisies remind me of rolling fields, young love, free spirit, summer festivals and the great outdoors. Marquee or outdoor humanist weddings suit the daisy look perfectly and if you are looking for a hippyish 70’s vibe with a carefree feel then some of these ideas may help create the mood. 

A.  A bit of DIY is required to make these brown daisy pillow favour boxes.  You will find everything you need at Go Wedding Favours.  There is a wide variety of different shapes and sizes and the daisy decoration is added afterwards.

B.  These beautiful Daisy Votive Candles from Marks and Spencer are £5 each and would look beautiful on the reception table.  Replacing the tea lights with some scented ones can add some extra ambience.  Make sure you test them out first however as you don’t want to overpower your guests with a sickly floral scent.

C.  Also from M&S are these lovely artificial flower daisy jugs which I think look great for a less staged table setting perfectly in keeping with a hazy summers day theme.  Real gerbra daisies or large wild daisies would probably look better and would look great in a mish mash of different jugs collected from charity shops. 

D.  These gorgeous hand crafted daisy place cards from Olivia Samuel are heavenly.  They have a twisted wire stem and come as part of a coordinating set of Daisy stationery which for the table includes favour boxes, napkin rings, and menus.  They currently have a bundle offer which gets you a 20% discount if you order three items from the range.

E.  This gorgeous free standing menu is part of the Vintage collection from Picture Palace which features a delicate daisylike flower made from Austrian Silk lace.  An unusual alternative to the traditional folded menu.

F.  These personalised wildflower seed kits from Chloe Beck feature a large eco friendly paper daisy flower on the packet.  The personalised label is available in a variety of colours to match your colour scheme.  A great unusual choice of favour and one that your guests can remember your wedding by come Spring and Summer.

G.  These tiny daisy table decorations are designed to be scattered on your tables.  They are laser cut from mirrored acrylic so will really catch the light.  A central cut away swirl at the centre adds a contemporary flourish.  Get them in packs of 40 from the Handcrafted Card Company.

H.  Caesars Wedding Favours have a whole section on daisy themed wedding accessories.   Featured above are their “He Loves me Daisy Seed Tins” and Daisy Watering Cans.  Click here to see these and all the other products.

I.  Sumona Italian Daisy Sweet Favours.  Not your obvious look white and yellow centred but perfect if you are looking to introduce some candy colours to brighten up your tables.  Candyfavourboutique offer these petal sugared sweets which are handmade in Sulmona, Italy.  They are wrapped in fine coloured tulle or tinted cellophane and secured to a stiff wire stem and decorated.  If you looking for the more traditional white daisy look you will find a similar sweet creation from Go Wedding Favours.  These daisies have a large 7cm head made from real Italian chocolate dragees with a crispy shell.  With their long 32cm stem they look stunning draped across a dinner plate or table napkin.

He may look all cutesy and innocent but the loveable teddy who already gets away with being scruffy all the time is now muscling his way in on the Wedding scene.  Me to You is probably the flagship brand for Carte Blanche and Tatty Teddy has always filled the shelves of Clintons and other card shops and for a Greeting Card he fits the bill perfectly.  Would I want a teddy bear on the front of my wedding invitations ?…. I dont think so.  It does’nt matter what age you are when you marry but to me the act of marriage (and having a child of course) is one of the most “growing up and being a responsible adult” things you can do.  Lots of people will disagree with me here, such is the might of this cutesy bear, so I will bail out and enlighten you into the world of Tatty Teddy as a wedding theme.  Bear in mind that this is just a small sample of the heaps of merchandise available under the ‘Me to You’ brand.

Tatty Teddy Invitations
Tatty Teddy Wedding InvitationsCollisons have the monopoly here. That’s the thing with ‘Me to You’ and any money making brand you need a licence of course and Collisons have the rights to print. You cannot buy your wedding invitations directly from Collisons because they sell through a distribution of agents. You can check their website for a store locator but you will find that the best deals are to be had on line. There are two designs using Tatty Teddy and Olivia Samuel currently have both at 20% discount. The first is simply called Tatty Teddy and the other is a new pocket design is called Wedding Bears.  The unusual thing is that even the personalised Typeface inside the cards are licenced.  So, when you order these invitations you will have the genuine Tatty Teddy scrawl to accompany them.

Tatty Teddy Cake Toppers
These are all over the place.  One of the best places to start is Ebay where you will always find a dozen or so on sale for around £5.00.  All Things Gifts do the Me to You Bears Cake topper(below left) for £6.00 which includes free P & P that probably beats most Ebay listings and if you are looking something you can use as a Keepsake after the wedding that take a look at H Samuel who do the Me to You Wedding Bliss figurine (below right) for £24.99.  It is not actually marketed a cake topper but I do not see why it cannot be used as one.  The size seems OK but the weight may be a let down.


Tatty Teddy Guest Books, Albums and other accessories
All Things Gifts have both a Photo Album and Guest Book for sale and a whole host of other Tatty Teddy wedding accessories such as photo albums, lucky horseshoe, ring cushions and lots of soft toy Tatty Teddy bears perfect for younger bridesmaids and page boys.

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The new Classic collection from CCA Occasions replaces the Wedding Bells collection that had been around for as long as I can remember. Wedding stationery companies are often critisised for not revamping their designs from time to time but it is was no wonder that the Wedding Bells collection stood for so long because, like its replacement, it was full of timeless classic designs.

You will not find any garish or novelty invites in this range; just good quality cards printed to an exceptionally high standard. Many of the invitations are printed in raised thermographic ink at no extra cost. This is a really nice touch that involves the printer applying a fine powder to the ink before it dries which is baked to give a wonderful tactile feel to the final text. Other designs are printed in silver, gold or black metallic foil which may sound a little tacky but you really need to see a sample to see how well this works.

Finally, and perhaps the best thing about the new classic designs is the price. If you are looking for a traditional wedding invitation but cannot afford Letterpress of Cirencester or Wren Press prices then there is no better place to begin your search. Olivia Samuel have the full Classic Collection online and have large discounts across the whole range. You can also pick up samples for delivery within 24 hours. Favourites of mine to look out for our Formality, Chic Style and White Wedding

Yes, I know a romantic poem should come from the heart but we have’nt all got the talent to put our thoughts into words. So, why not let an expert give you a helping hand to write a personal poem for your wedding.
For only £19.99 Write me a Poem will produce a 4 verse customised poem for you and your loved one. Simply provide some descriptions of the people the poem is about, their likes and dislikes, their character and whether you want the poem to be funny etc and leave them to do the rest. It sounds like a bit of fun and since I like to think I have a bit of a creative side I personally would use it as a starting point to add perhaps a verse or two of my own so I could at least take some of the credit.

If you are wondering why you might need a wedding poem then I doubt if you are alone. I am not suggesting you need recite it, Romeo and Juliet style, beneath your bedroom window on the morning of the wedding. This would score very highly on the scale of romance but you may get some funny looks from the neighbours. Instead, why not take a few ideas from the Write me a Poem website who cite the following examples for how to use your personal wedding poem

- Have your personal poem printed inside your invitations
– Include your poem as part of the wedding speech
– Have your poem scribed on ribboned scrolls by the place settings.
– A newspaper announcement

One idea that was not mentioned was for it to be used as a reading at the church or licenced venue – the perfect captive audience. Alternatively, if you are not the Bride or Groom what a wonderful and personal gift this would make for the happy couple.

To get a feel of what to expect there are 5 example poems that may even inspire you to get your own creative juices flowing.

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Letterpress of Cirencester Discount

Letterpress of Cirencester are running a promotion at the moment that offers a 10% discount of their fine personal stationery collection when you purchase your wedding stationery from them.  The voucher is shipped with all wedding stationery orders so you get it automatically.  An image of the voucher is above and since the text is a little small I have typed it out as follows :

” Starting out a new life, with a new partner, in a new home, now is the time to organise your personal stationery.  Our range of papers and boards, inks typefaces, printing methods, envelope linings etc., will give that exclusive finish.
We offer a 10% discount to all our recent Wedding Stationery customers.  Call us for a promotional code, or take this card back to your retailer.
View our stationery range either on line or at any of 100 stockists around the country, including all John Lewis stores. ” 

Letterpress of CirencesterI have to agree with them when they say you’ll get an exclusive finish as I have seen the full range from The Letter Press first hand and the attention to detail and quality of board and print is superb.  It makes me chuckle when I read forum posts from Brides thinking they can replicate a fine print technique on their home inkjet printer.

Olivia Samuel are offering 10% discount off Letterpress of Cirencester wedding stationery at the moment so you can grab a discount off both your wedding stationery and personal stationery if you combine the two offers.   Images of the designs on any website do not do the cards justice.  You really do need the touchy feely experience when it comes to indented letterpress print or raised thermography ink.  Request some samples and you will see what I mean.  Oh, and dont waste your time replicating the effects on your home computer ….. you wont even get close.

Favour Handbags
How sweet are these little favour handbags from Thorntons.  This is the Dotty design in pink, which is perfect for a spring wedding, especially as Thorntons also do place cards and menus to match, all of which can be personalised.  There are other designs available as well such as Oriental Blossom for a more contemporary setting, Pink Fleur, and White Lily and Occasions.  Some of the designs have the full stationery range from invites and orders of service, to favours and thank you cards.  The favour handbagsin the Dotty design start at 95p for one chocolate, £1.50 for two chocolates or £2.00 for four chocolates.  I would say two chocolates is ideal as your guests will have just eaten a huge meal and you don’t want any excuses from Auntie Beryl for not getting up for a boogie!

Napkin Ring Place Cards

These are pretty nifty.  A place card that doubles as a napkin ring holder.  A great (and stylish) to avoid any reception table clutter.  Your guest’s names are embossed on to the card so there is no need to write them yourself or go to the trouble of finding a calligrapher.

Each place card costs just £1.99 each in either silver or gold from Josiella and because they are handmade they are pretty unique too.  The other I like is there is no minimum order quantity unlike many other stationery suppliers so your could limit these special tags to the guests on your top table as a little special touch.


We featured some of Chartula’s gorgeous wedding invitations last month.  We liked everything about them except the price.  Well if you are feeling lucky then why not enter the competition that started this weekend to win a set of Chartula wedding stationery.  It costs nothing to enter and you have until 28th April 2008 to enter.  Oh and the question is a bit of no-brainer so it will only take you 5 minutes (because you have to register your details on the Wedding TV site)

Wedding TV

If you have Sky you can watch Wedding TV on channels 277 and 278.  If you havent got sky then you can watch Wedding TV at  It looks as though there is a feature on this competition at 5 pm today (2nd March) repeated on Wednesday at 7pm.

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Bauble Name Card Holder 

These elegant Bauble Place Card Holders from Cox & Cox are beautifully simple and won’t clutter your table.  They have a flat base to ensure they sit steadily and will catch the light from any candles as the glass is faceted.  At £14 for ten, they will serve as a lovely keepsake for your guests.  Cox & Cox have some very original table and venue ideas and decorations, including brown sugar hearts that sit on the edge of a tea cup, heart sparklers, seed favour sets and mini charm crackers.