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Casa di Guilietta
Casa di Guilietta

The balcony where Romeo wooed Juliet, could there be a more romantic wedding setting?  The Casa Di Guilietta (house of Juliet) is said to have been the setting for Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet, and this is what the authorities in Verona are hoping will lure romantic couples to the city to get married.  It’s already one of Verona’s most popular tourist destinations, but obviously the authorities have realised how much extra revenue can be made by hiring it out as a wedding venue, about £930* in fact.  Many of the newspapers are saying this is quite expensive for a wedding ceremony, and ok it’s not cheap, but neither is a wedding ceremony in the UK unless you are marrying in a register office.  Most venues will charge at least £200 to £300 for the room hire in a hotel or country house and then you will need to pay the fees for the actual ceremony to the officiant.  If you are romantic enough the want to marry at the balcony of the ‘star-cross’d lovers’, then you’re romantic enough to pay the price!

 * Source BBC News Website

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Yes its another wedding forum…. please don’t groan. I wrote a year ago about what I consider to be the three busiest wedding forums around at the moment and after the failed attempt by the popular Foreverafter site to start a forum it goes to show how difficult it is to get a new community off the ground.  Well, nevertheless we are giving it a go and the Weddingo team have just launched a new wedding forum call

Why is our wedding forum going to be different ?  Well, for a start we have all our lovely Weddingo readers to give it a kick start ;-)  So, please help us out and feel free to join in the chat.  You will always find the very latest posts along the right hand side column of this site.  We will be announcing a competition soon whereby you can earn some wedding goodies in return for posts so its worth just signing up so we can let you know when the incentive starts.  Click on the logo above to visit the forums.  With your help I can revise my list of the top three wedding sites to include in the not to distant future.

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Nuptuals - The new name for Hitched ?
Nuptuals - The new name for Hitched ?

The ever popular site has now gone down under with an Australian version of the hit UK wedding site opening last month.  Darren Noel started the UK Hitched website from his bedroom back in 1997.  The site has evolved over the last 10 years and argueably become the most visited wedding website largely grown by its loyal following in its forum community. is the the name of the new Australian version of hitched, however, I cant help wondering why they chose Australia as their first overseas venture.  It would’nt be anything to do with the sun, sea and beaches by any chance :-)  The perfect overseas office in my opinion.

The site has a long way to go before it emulates the success of its UK offering and I am sure it will be a lot more difficult to achieve the same following in Oz over the next 10 years.  When was launched in 1997 the internet was in its infancy and there was a lot less competition between wedding sites.

Finally, I hope I am not going to make a fool of myself here but can anyone tell me what “Nuptales” means.  Is it the Autralian word for Nuptials ?  I dont think so because I notice the Hitched team also own which is earmarked for a US and Canadian version and presumably for an Irish version.  Not to mention (South Africa I think) and the list probably goes on.  My theory is that I think the Hitched team are planning to take over the wedding world and bamboozle us with a new word (a bit like Google).  The next thing you know “Nuptales” will be in the English Oxford dictionary and we will all be having our weddings sponsored by Nuptales.  Anyway, let me be one of the first to congratulate Hitched on their new global venture and their route to global domination (well, at least when it comes to tiaras and wedding frocks !! )

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Wedding Venue Reviews
Wedding Venue Reviews

A bold claim we know.  Wedvenues is a new website that the Weddingo team started last year.  Our aim is to list every single civil wedding venue in the UK and whilst we are a long way off at the moment we are listing new venues every day.  Unlike other wedding venue sites we are not just listing venues that pay to be on the site.  In fact we do not charge anything for a venue to be listed which is key to producing a useful resource that is comprehensive and impartial.  The main content will come from the reviews written by people who have attended or had a wedding at one of the venues. We invite anybody to write a review good or bad and we never edit them except for expletives and fortunately we have not had any reviews quite that bad yet !

I know most of you reading will not be married yet otherwise you will not have stumbled across this site but if you have attended a friend or relative’s wedding in the last year we would be very grateful if you could support the new site with a short review of the venue you attended.

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Ebay Wedding Auctioned
Ebay Wedding Auctioned

What do you do if you split from your partner just a few weeks before your wedding?  List the whole thing on Ebay of course !  This is exactly what a couple of Brighton have done when they split up over Christmas.  The Ebay listing ends this Wednesday (28th Jan) and currently stands at £2200 with one bid.  You dont get a choice of Venue (its the Best Western Brighton Hotel) or the date of Valentines Day (very romantic) and the package covers up to 50 guests with a 3 course meal and champagne reception.  I am not sure I would feel comfortable stepping into the shoes of somebody elses wedding day however however much of a bargain it falls for when the ebay hammer drops.  I have never thought of myself as superstitious but in this instance I feel it would cast a bit of cloud over the preceedings and possibly the years to come.  I dont think my wife would have forgiven me either if I had bidded for our wedding on Ebay and would have likened it to picking up a reduced bunch of flowers from the petrol station on the way home from work. 

The story ran on the BBC news website yesterday where they quoted the wedding coordinator as saying :-

“We had a cancellation from a couple just weeks before their wedding, which was unfortunate, but we thought why not put the day up on eBay?

It makes it sound like the most obvious thing in the world to do when faced with such a scenario but perhaps not such a strange one as they will probably find it hard to fill their calendar with another function at such notice.  The publicity the story is receiving must be helping the Brighton Hotel in other ways too.

Men's Engagement Ring

The Daily Mail is running a story today about H. Samuel introducing a range of engagement rings for men.  This is not actually such a new thing, there are many jewellers that have had engagement rings for men for some time, Gillett’s Jewellers and Stephen Einhorn are just two jewellers that have a specific range of rings for men.  The H. Samuel ring however is one of the cheapest on the market (as you would expect) at £79, it’s titanium with blue stripes around the band and a diamond inset.  Apparently the jeweller has introduced this due to the demand from women wanting to propose to their men and also those wanting to show that their man is ‘spoken for’.  It also means that a man wishing to propose to their male partner in a traditional way can do so.  The male engagement ring should be worn on the left ring finger the same as for women, but should be transferred to the right ring finger after the wedding.  My husband only agreed to wear a wedding ring because he knew how important it was to me that he at least tried to wear one, and now he’s used to it, but personally I wouldn’t have felt the need for him to wear an engagement ring since he’s not a jewellery wearer.  So are we now going to see a rise in the amount of women proposing, would you want your man to wear an engagement ring, or are you a man who wants the opportunity to show your status?

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BHS Wedding Outfit

We’ve bought you some of the amazing value wedding dresses and outfits from BHS before, but there is a story in the press today of a wedding outfit for £100…..wrong…..this one is just £70!  OK I’m not adding the shoes into this ensemble, but I think you have to be careful with shoes since you’ll be wearing them all day and you need to have comfortable shoes to take you through to the evening.  The ivory pinch pleat skirt is £50 and the satin bodice is £20, now I’m not a maths expert, but that makes £70 and is a fantastic price if you are planning a budget wedding.  Now there will be many a fashion and wedding ‘expert’ who will say that you’re not going to get superb quality and design for that price, and there’s nothing like going to a specialist boutique where you will be made to feel very special (spending at least £1000 you’ve paid for that service!) but I bought my dress from Ebay for £40, and no the quality wasn’t great, but no-one could tell, and when I spilt red wine down it in the evening, I really wasn’t bothered.  I admit that I do love some of the designer dresses available and if I’d had years rather than weeks to plan my wedding I probably would have got caught up in the dress buying experience, but I do know that you don’t have to pay a fortune for your wedding dress to feel like a princess!

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A Wedding Invitation

The BBC News website is running a story today about a Ukranian bride to be who is advertising for wedding guests to make up her side of the wedding party at her forthcoming wedding.  My first thought is “how very brave and crazy” yet here she is in the UK with only her parents here to witness her big day, so in fact it’s very sadfor her to not be surrounded by her family and friends.  Apparently she has advertised for ‘decent’ guests on the Gumtree website and volunteers must send a photo and a letter, that’s a bit of a gamble really since friends and family you have known for years can turn into complete opposites of themselves after a couple of glasses of champagne!  She also needs bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers, this could be a great opportunity for those of you who are not sure if your chosen attendents are quite up to the job yet, get them to go along and practice!

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Bride Wars

This is a story to instill fear into the strongest of friendships, especially when planning a wedding together.  Bride Wars opens today (09/01/09) and is the perfect January pick-me-up whether you’re planning a wedding or not.  A chick flick that tells the story of two best friends (Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway) who have been planning their weddings since childhood, both of them wanting the same reception venue.  Surprise, surprise they end up getting engaged at the same time and booking the same venue with different dates.  All hunkydory and the best friends start wedding dress shopping and planning together, until they are told there’s been a mistake and their days have been booked together.  The mayhem ensues when neither wants to change their big day date, and the friendship takes a nosedive with both trying to sabotage the others wedding.  Having viewed the trailor at Odeon, it looks like a good fun girlie movie, and a must for those looking to get some inspiration. Take your best mate for a night out, and be warned, trust no-one!

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What a great story, a couple payed for their business class flights back from their honeymoon in the US by picking up litter on the streets of Petersfield in Hampshire.  They spent three months collecting rubbish from the streets and in undergrowth and then feeding it through their local Tesco automated recycling machine.  For every four items they put in the machine they got a Tesco clubcard point, and once they got 250 points they got 600 British Airways miles, since they managed to accumulate 36,000 miles, that is a lot of litterpicking they did!  What I love most about this story is not the fact that they did a good deed and recycled loads whilst cleaning up (which is great), but the fact that those lazy and quite frankly disgusting people who just dropped stuff on the streets with blatant disregard for their community probably thought they were being quite tough and unhelpful people when they did it, when in fact they unwittingly helped a couple fly in luxury.  Fantastic!