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Flag and Bunting Store

Ok, you’ve been planning your wedding for the last couple of years and had everything booked, sorted and organised, then along come William & Kate announcing their wedding day as Friday 29th April.  Does this mean your day will be overshadowed by their celebrations?  Absolutely not, and if you can’t beat them, join them.  Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to bring out your patriotic side by hanging up the bunting and planning a right royal knees up of your very own, and it doesn’t need to cost a royal mint!

Flag and Bunting Store

 Of course bunting is a must, choose from this red,white and blue bunting, which come in various lengths starting at 8.6m for £10.50 from Flag and Bunting Store, or go all out with this union jack bunting also from the Flag and Bunting Store which also comes in varying lengths starting with 6m for £7.99.  The same company also sell pack of 12 hand held flags which would be perfect to hand out to your guests so that they can wave about to celebrate after the ceremony rather than throwing confetti.

Flag and Bunting Store
For your bridesmaids, rather than asking them to don Gerri Halliwell style union jack dresses, try royal blue and red dresses so that they can wear the colour that suits them, and then accessorise them in the contrasting colour shoes, jewellery and flowers for a bold, striking look against your white dress.  Debenhams have a great range of bridesmaid, prom and evening dresses that are available in red and blue to keep the look coordinated. 
Choose favour boxes like these from Confetti and other reception stationery in bold reds and blues that will compliment white tablewear, using alternating blue and red ribbon on white chair cover  will also give a dramatic effect to your reception.

Using red, white and blue floral dispalys for the  reception tables can be difficult as blue flowers tend to be light blue, although deep blue delphiniums are a good choice if they are in season otherwise they could be pricey.   Artificially dying white roses or lilies is also an option but again this can be pricey, s0 unless you have the royal budget then another use striking blue vases with red and white flowers to achieve the royal look.

Rainbow Wedding Flowers
Once upon a time silk flowers were just far too passé to use for your wedding bouquet, reception flowers or cake decoration, but there are many viable reasons for using them now, the most important being, they have come a long way from the blindingly obvious artificial flowers of the 1980’s and now look and even feel more realistic.  The budget concious bride will know that not only are artificial flowers cheaper because they are always in season and are not affected by growing costs and transportation costs, but they are true value for money because they can be kept forever as a reminder and be given to members of the bridal party as keepsakes too.  Obviously there is an environmental impact as well to choosing silk flowers since they don’t have to be shipped from abroad if they are not native to this country or are not in season here, they also won’t be affected by volcanos erupting causing airspace closure!!!  The growing trend for supermarket bought wedding cakes is another reason why silk flowers are becoming more popular, with such a great variety of simply iced wedding cakes available from all the main supermarkets,  all you need to do now is top them with a floral display and it will look like you have spent hundreds on your wedding cake.  This Scottish thistle and calla lily cake top is just £14 from Rainbow Wedding Flowers and is one of many different designs of cake toppers available as well as bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, corsages and reception and venue flowers.  My favourite reception decoration has to be this stunning birdcage centrepiece which costs £32.99, forget wedding reception decoration, I want one for my house!
Rainbow Wedding Flowers


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Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer

We all know that if you put the word ‘wedding’ in front of an item, the price is always going to be higher than it would be normally and flowers are probably one of those things it most applies to.  Now you don’t really want to be trying to do bouquets for your bridesmaids or yourself unless you have some floristry experience, but the bouquets you can get delivered are virtually ready for you to use.  Get someone to hold the bouquet for you as you undo the wrapping, then tie your chosen ribbon around the stems to keep them in shape and secure the ribbon with small pins, then you can cut the stems to the length your require.  This Autograph Avalanche Rose Bouquet from Marks & Spencer features 12 Avalanche roses and costs £35 including delivery.  The site features reviews from others who have bought them and one reviewer had indeed used them as wedding flowers for her bridesmaid.  It is important to note that these roses are sent with their guard petals (the large outer ones) still in place in order to protect the flowers during shipping and if they have become discoloured it’s because they are protecting the flower, so simply remove them before using them.

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Vermont Natural Flowers

The most likely reason you have chosen the type of flowers you have is because you like the look and colour of them, and more than likely they are the sort of thing you would have in your home. Most brides end up giving their bouquet and table decorations away since you’ve paid a premium for them so you want to get the most from them (and they’ll have died by the time you get back from your honeymoon). You can have your bouquet dried, but let’s be honest, they loose the look you chose them for. Vermont Natural Flowers have been working on this very problem for you, and now you can have beautiful bouquets and stunning centrepieces that will last for years and even retain their scent. You can either visit the showroom in Kensington, or there is a mail order catalogue available to request or view and purchase online.

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This is a wedding bouquet you definately don’t want to throw after the ceremony.  Not only will you probably take out one of the ladies eyes, but you’ll be chucking away £895!  Designed by Basia Zarzycka, this unusual bouquet is created with seed bead, bohemian glass and Swarovski crystals.  It is absolutely stunning and would be perfect for a winter wedding as the crystals give a beautiful icy, snow queen feel.  It is expensive, but you are getting a Basia Zarzycka design which will serve as a wonderful keepsake and you could easily have it on show as a decorative piece on your dressing table as an everyday reminder of your wedding day.

Goth Style Wedding Bouquet

Wow.  I bet you havent seen a bouquet like this before.  My thoughts immediately turn to a sophisticated evening wedding.  This Moulin Rouge style wedding bouquet from Pink Corsage has a gothic elegance that will coordinate beautifully with the recent trend towards wedding dresses and bridal make up that have a rennaissance flair.  A central core of deep red roses is bordered by black marabou feathers to make a striking contrast.  And just so Granny does’nt think you have totally lost your marbles some subtle gold wire embellishments and gold heart add a bit of traditional sparkle.

Black Feather CorsageMaybe coordination isnt the intention with this style of bouquet or if you dont have the nerve for such a bold statement then Pink Corsage Gone have some gorgeous gothic button holes to match for some low key goth accessories.  Gone are the days of single carnation wedding button holes.  These funky Moulin Rouge style corsages match the Moulin Rouge style bouquet beautifully.  Now all you need is some corset style wedding invitations and some bar dancers and a turn of the century French red windmill for your reception.

Sunflower Wedding Invitations

Sunflowers are becoming a popular flower for the bridal bouquet so I cannot understand why there are not more wedding stationery companies adding Sunflower wedding invitations to their portfolio.

English Folly has seen an opening and their Sunflower Wedding Invitation has proved so popular they have given this design its only special space on their website.  This sunflower design looks like a sketch from a Botanical Encyclopedia so may not suit the bride looking for a more contemporary sunflower theme but I am drawn to the subtlety and believe that this set of stationery may help tone down a sunflower theme that can easily get a bit over the top.

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Sunflower Table SettingProbably the most sunny cheerful flowers you can find for your wedding.  Sunflowers are big, bold, cheerful and brash and have summer written all over them.  No wishy washy pastel shades here.  The sunflower cake in the picture above is from Maisie Fantaisie who describe it as “a confident contemporary cake….. that speaks for itself”.  Just dont ask it how much it costs because you will need at least £1000 in your back pocket for a 4 tier sunflower cake.