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Playmobil Wedding
Playmobil Wedding

My son loves Playmobil and has various sets from the camper van to the pirate set, and each time he gets a new set I am in awe of how good this stuff is.  I admit I do sit and play with him and sometimes wonder if I like it more than him!  Anyway, enough of the ‘Playmobil Appreciation Society’ (that could be a whole new website) and back to weddings.  This Playmobil Bridal Couple With Wedding Cake would make a quirky and original cake topper with the bride donning a real lace veil and getting ready to cut the cake.  Even better would be to make or buy your wedding cake and decorate it in the style of the Playmobil cake as well, like life imitating art.  It would be pretty easy to decorate your cake in this way either by using real or artificial flowers, or even making them using sugarcraft cutters available from cake making shops or craft stores.  The Playmobil bridal couple is available from Lambs Toys in the wedding section for £6.99.

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The popularity of themed wedding cakes has grown in recent years and the creativity of the wedding cake suppliers has been quick to keep up with the demand.  For the woman who loses her bloke to the telly every saturday afternoon and midweek match day could these cakes be the ultimate sign of her affection…. her true love.  I know wife would’nt have wanted a football wedding cake at our wedding…  then again nor would I …..  you can add as many stadium tiers as you like but it will still look more like a a birthday cake in my opinion.

I prefer the more traditional wedding cake, dainty sugar crafted flowers and all that.  But if you are a footy fanatic yourself or are thinking of  making the ultimate sacrifice  for hubby to be then here are some in form cakes for the coming season.  One word of warning; if you do choose a football cake for your partner then make sure you choose the right colours, you may initate the quickest divorce in history if you choose a blue and white football cake for a Liverpool supporter.

Fun Cakes
Fun Cakes
The above cake from Fun Cakes is great for a wedding between partners from different nationalities since the country flag is sugarcrafted beneath the ball.  I am not sure how this would work for different clubs, most team emblems would be a little difficult to replicate in sugar icing but I am sure Fun Cakes would be open to replacing the flags with football shirts in the appropriate team colours.
Football Crazy from Suzelle Cakes
Football Crazy from Suzelle Cakes
Thiscake from Suzelle Cakes has a very simple three tier design but it is the topper that really makes this design stand out.  Again, this designer is open to suggestions to make the cake more original so I am sure that the shirts could replicate team colours if required.
Match of the Day from Imaginative Icing
Match of the Day from Imaginative Icing
This is an interesting design from Imaginative Icing it takes the football shape and tiered approach of the previous two designs and combines them in one.

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Guitar Wedding Cake
Guitar Wedding Cake

I am always amazed by some of the wedding cake designs available and how intricate they are, but they are usually all along the same lines of flowers and the normal wedding themes.  But if you are looking for something that will signify a shared hobby, career or interest such as music or travel then have a look at Imaginative Icing who make this fantastic guitar wedding cake which costs £341 and can be colour themed to your requirements.  Personally I love the idea of the Ferrero Rocher wedding cake, only problem is my husband is a complete pig when it comes to Ferrero Rochers so I would have to order one for each of us!

Ferrero Rocher Wedding Cake
Ferrero Rocher Wedding Cake

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Asian Wedding Cakes

Whether you are after an Asian wedding cake, Halal wedding cake, eggless wedding cake, or simply a stunning wedding cake made to your requirements, Asian Wedding Cakes /Wedding Cakes London offer a fantastic range of cakes to suit your style, theme or dietary requirements.   They are based in London and will deliver and set up for free in London postcodes, but they also deliver countrywide for a fee.  You just have to look at the gallery of cakes on their website to see just how many different styles you can choose and how beautiful they are.  All cakes are priced individually but prices range from approximately £325 to £700 depending on the design and size, and included in that cost is the cake, flowers, table decorations, knife, set up and stand.

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Green and white is becoming an ever more popular choice of colour scheme for couples looking for a more natural choice for a fresh and airy wedding.  Using nature’s colours helps creates a sense of calm and peace which is of course how every bride would like their wedding day be like even if the behind the scenes chaos and build up are anything but.

Green and white wedding cakes are the focus in this article and we have complied a gallery of our favourite designs from bold deep green emerald creations to more subtle cakes with pictachio detailing.  If you are not a fan of heavy green food dye in the icing then why not go for a plain white cake and grace it with real green foliage with some delicate white buds drawing from elements of the bridal bouquet.  Delicate flowers such as freesias, stephanotis or lily of the valley work beautifully.  Green flower petals can also enhance the cake stand table beautifully but be careful not to go over the top.

 Yummy Cake Company

Emerald Green piped icing and ribbon feature on this cake from the Yummy Cake Company.  I must admit Emerald green is probably my least favourite green but I do like the fresh flower bouquet that graces the top.

Rosebud from Nicky Grant

This cake is absolutely goregous.  A very pale green has been used in some of the 200+ delicate rosebuds that adorn this cake.  The green is so subtle that you would be forgiven in not noticing it in this photo.  The pale baseboard of the cake helps bring out the green in the Rose Buds.  This cake is one of many beautiful creations from Nicky Grant.

Really Nice Cakes

This barqoue style cake from Really Nice Cakes is a little too brash and uniform for my liking but I am fascinated by the decreasing shades of green as the tiers get smaller.  I think this effect is very striking and I would love see it on a more delicate traditional cake.

Greek Fern Wedding Cake

Maisie Fantaisie designed this Green Fern and Hydrangea cake for Brides magazine.  It is strikingly simple and the more cynical among you might consider that the fern design pipework would be in the first weeks lesson at the local sugarcraft classes.  The hyrdrangeas are of course real.  Simplicity can be deceptive however and I am sure that this 3 tier cake justifies its £795 price tag.

Birdcage Wedding Cake

Another offering from Maisie Fantaisie which is a perfect choice for a summer garden wedding.  This cake would make a wonderful marquee centrepiece and would coordinate beautifully with the Birdcage candleholders from Laura Ashley.

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Marks & Spencer now offer decorated wedding cakes with a great range available from a Classic Chocolate Rose wedding cake that serves 144 costing just  £199 to something really funky like the Fashionable stripes cake costing £249.  All the cakes are also available in mini versions for a really contemporary look and cost £35 for six.  These cakes are pretty cheap when you compare them to some of the prices you could pay for a cake maker to make one for you, but if you’re looking for something even cheaper, you buy your cake from Marks &Spencer, safe in the knowledge that it will be great quality, and then decorate it yourself.  


You can buy individual traditional wedding sponge cakes costing between £12 and £38, or traditional wedding fruit cakes costing between £22 and £55, that are decorated with simple piped icing and then add your own finishing touches.  Choose flowers for a traditional style or take a look at a supplier we have featured before (Butterflies and Daisies) for some stunning cake toppers like this Swarovski Crystal Fountain Cake Topper that costs £59.99.


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The Organic Chocolate Cake Company, pretty self explanatory what they do really, though I think they should add stunning to the company title as well!  If you want style and substance for your wedding cake, take a look at the gallery of cakes, from scrolls, folds and shard cakes, to something completely innovative.  However what has made this company stand out to me is a statement they have on their website concerning discounts. These are available to people who do a valuable job in the community, yet receive a relatively low wage. We can also trade services in lieu of money. Details on application.

It’s really inspiring to come across a company that doesn’t just look at the pound signs and are aware of the social issues affecting their clients, not only that but they are prepared to think of ways to help too.  The Organic Chocolate Cake Company are based in Bristol and can collect or they can deliver and set up locally or arrange delivery nationally.

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If you’re looking to save some money on your wedding reception, the cake can be one of the most expensive items with many cakes costing between £500 and £1000.  You may think that your cake has to be made by a proffessional, but with the trend for cupcakes being so big, you could very easily get away with making a cupcake tower yourself.  Even if you’re not the best cook, cupcakes are very easy to make, and if you are a truly awful baker, there’s bound to be a family member or friend who would be able to help.  My fail safe recipe comes from Delia and as someone who couldn’t make a victoria sandwhich to save my life, I can now make lovely cakes, and I don’t mind saying so myself!  This gorgeous creation above is a recipe from the BBC Good Food website which has reviews by people who have tried the recipes which is a great way of knowing how difficult a recipe is.  As for decorating them, a generous splodge of butter icing to cover the cakes like these and then either buy the decorations ready made from somewhere like The Craft Sugar Company or you could always try and make them too using icing cutters.  All you need then is a cake stand and you’re done.


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Quite a risk to take, asking the Hairy Bakers to make your wedding cake just a week before your wedding without having tasted what their cakes taste like!  Seeing the lads trying to master the art of cake decorating at Patisserie Viennoise of Otley makes you realise why wedding cakes cost so much money.

At Slattery’s they made it all look very simple but that’s because they are the experts and have years of experience.  Just one daisy took about fifteen minutes to make, imagine how long it would take to cover the cake in them!

And this is the final cake, five tiers of fruit cake with daisies, love hearts, piping, vw stick around and the piece de resistance was the VW cake topper (understatement when you call it a topper) which was made by Karen Davies.

The gamble definately paid off, there are not many people who can say they have had such a unique wedding cake, and it looked pretty yummy too!



He may look all cutesy and innocent but the loveable teddy who already gets away with being scruffy all the time is now muscling his way in on the Wedding scene.  Me to You is probably the flagship brand for Carte Blanche and Tatty Teddy has always filled the shelves of Clintons and other card shops and for a Greeting Card he fits the bill perfectly.  Would I want a teddy bear on the front of my wedding invitations ?…. I dont think so.  It does’nt matter what age you are when you marry but to me the act of marriage (and having a child of course) is one of the most “growing up and being a responsible adult” things you can do.  Lots of people will disagree with me here, such is the might of this cutesy bear, so I will bail out and enlighten you into the world of Tatty Teddy as a wedding theme.  Bear in mind that this is just a small sample of the heaps of merchandise available under the ‘Me to You’ brand.

Tatty Teddy Invitations
Tatty Teddy Wedding InvitationsCollisons have the monopoly here. That’s the thing with ‘Me to You’ and any money making brand you need a licence of course and Collisons have the rights to print. You cannot buy your wedding invitations directly from Collisons because they sell through a distribution of agents. You can check their website for a store locator but you will find that the best deals are to be had on line. There are two designs using Tatty Teddy and Olivia Samuel currently have both at 20% discount. The first is simply called Tatty Teddy and the other is a new pocket design is called Wedding Bears.  The unusual thing is that even the personalised Typeface inside the cards are licenced.  So, when you order these invitations you will have the genuine Tatty Teddy scrawl to accompany them.

Tatty Teddy Cake Toppers
These are all over the place.  One of the best places to start is Ebay where you will always find a dozen or so on sale for around £5.00.  All Things Gifts do the Me to You Bears Cake topper(below left) for £6.00 which includes free P & P that probably beats most Ebay listings and if you are looking something you can use as a Keepsake after the wedding that take a look at H Samuel who do the Me to You Wedding Bliss figurine (below right) for £24.99.  It is not actually marketed a cake topper but I do not see why it cannot be used as one.  The size seems OK but the weight may be a let down.


Tatty Teddy Guest Books, Albums and other accessories
All Things Gifts have both a Photo Album and Guest Book for sale and a whole host of other Tatty Teddy wedding accessories such as photo albums, lucky horseshoe, ring cushions and lots of soft toy Tatty Teddy bears perfect for younger bridesmaids and page boys.