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Men's Engagement Ring

The Daily Mail is running a story today about H. Samuel introducing a range of engagement rings for men.  This is not actually such a new thing, there are many jewellers that have had engagement rings for men for some time, Gillett’s Jewellers and Stephen Einhorn are just two jewellers that have a specific range of rings for men.  The H. Samuel ring however is one of the cheapest on the market (as you would expect) at £79, it’s titanium with blue stripes around the band and a diamond inset.  Apparently the jeweller has introduced this due to the demand from women wanting to propose to their men and also those wanting to show that their man is ‘spoken for’.  It also means that a man wishing to propose to their male partner in a traditional way can do so.  The male engagement ring should be worn on the left ring finger the same as for women, but should be transferred to the right ring finger after the wedding.  My husband only agreed to wear a wedding ring because he knew how important it was to me that he at least tried to wear one, and now he’s used to it, but personally I wouldn’t have felt the need for him to wear an engagement ring since he’s not a jewellery wearer.  So are we now going to see a rise in the amount of women proposing, would you want your man to wear an engagement ring, or are you a man who wants the opportunity to show your status?


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