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Swan Cake Topper

These beautiful crystal swans from Swarovki make an elegant alternative to the usual tacky wedding cake toppers available. The pair of flirting swans would grace virtually any style or colour of wedding cake that had a smooth top and would give the appearance that they were gliding through the iced surface. They are not cheap at £145.00 a pair but they would make a lasting memory after the big day and would not look out of place as an ornament in a display case. However, if like me, dining room ornaments and display cases are not your cup of tea then think what a wonderful gift this would make for the mother of the bride or the mother in law. To avoid any arguments I was going to suggest giving one swan to each set of parents but on second thoughts I think splitting these swans up may create a bad omen and like the married couple they belong together forever.

Perspex Table Plan

If you're planning an icy, Snow Queen theme for your reception, or are looking for something that will make a great visual impact when your guests come to find their seats, then a perspex seating plan from Clear Touch could be just what you need. They are incredibly striking and will serve as something you can keep to remind you of your special day and all those who spent it with you, you could even use it as a funky artwork memento. It would look stunning surrounded by white fairy lights, white twigs or simply some votive candles to illuminate it. Prices are dependent on how many names you have, £145 for up to 60 names, £195 for 61 to 120 names and £250 for 121 to 144 names.

Vintage Place Card Holder 

These lovely beaded tree place card holders will add a bit of sparkle to your reception place settings.  I think they would work great alongside some votive candles because the assorted beads would catch the candle light and look absolutely gorgeous in a dimly lit room.

The beads are assorted so you will get a mixture of silver, clear and white which create a eclectic antique effect.  Perfect for an old fashioned or vintage themed table setting without going over the top.  They cost £3 each from Table Favours