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Diamond wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and different materials.  white gold, yellow gold, 9 carat, 18 carat, platinum, single stone, multi stone.  What it usually comes down to is much bling there is in the middle.  We have picked 5 of the best 1/2 (0.5) carat gold diamond rings.  The 0.5 carat refers to the total amount of diamond here but remember the bigger the stones the higher up the price scale you tend to go.  A single 0.5 carat diamond solitaire ring will usually be more than double that of a similar style cluster of diamonds totalling 0.5 carat.  The good news for the grrom to be or the bridal couple is that solitaires are traditionally used for the engagement ring.  So, for a diamond wedding ring a cluster or channel of diamonds is the usual style which helps reign in the budget a little.

1.  Ladies’ 18ct white gold half carat diamond wedding ring from Ernest Jones

1/2 Carat Diamonds - White Gold
1/2 Carat Diamonds - White Gold

This 18ct white gold from Ernest Jones is set with two lines of sparkling diamonds totalling 0.5 carat

Price : £699 from Ernest Jones

2. Triple diamond (o.5 carat total) 18ct White Gold from Platinium Diamonds

Platinum Diamonds triple diamond
Platinum Diamonds triple diamond

This 18ct white gold from Platinum Diamonds is set with 3 diamonds totalling 0.5 carat

Price : £999 from Platinum Diamonds

3.  Platinum channel set Diamond Wedding Ring from Blue Nile

Blue Nile Channel Set Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring
Blue Nile Channel Set Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

This diamond wedding ring is gorgeous but attacts a heavier price tag because the dimaonds are set in Platinum rather than gold. 

Price : Approx £1250 from Blue Nile

4.  18ct Yellow Gold – 1/2 Carat Diamond channel set Diamond Wedding Ring from Goldsmiths

0.5 Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
0.5 Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

0.5 Princess cut diamonds in an 18ct yellow gold ring from Goldsmiths.  Also available in White Gold.

Price : £1,199 from Goldsmiths

5.  Unusual diamond wedding ring from Diamond Manufacturers

Yellow Gold 0.5 carat diamond wedding ring
Yellow Gold 0.5 carat diamond wedding ring

This unusual design features 1/2 carat of diamonds set around a yellow gold smooth edged ring.

Price : £499 from Diamond Manufacturers

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Faith offer a sneak preview of their 2010 Bridal shoe collection and the pair that take centre stage are these gorgeous jaw dropping strappy jeweled sandals with their 11cm high heel.  They should be available online and in selected Faith shoe stores from early Feb 2010.   Many of the designs in the collection have embroidered embellishments and are the perfect accompaniment for a Cinderella ball gown.  It is worth keeping an eye on any offers for online purchases at Shoe Voucher Codes to make a saving on your purchase.  Many stores issue discount codes and Faith sometimes issue some that can be taken advantage of.  Another tip is to sign up to their newsletter for exclusive discounts.  Bridal Shoes often have a short season however and if any of the bridal shoes capture your heart then it may be wise to snap them up straight away.
Faith 2010 Bridal Shoes
Faith 2010 Bridal Shoes
LIGHTB 572506 Ivory - £85
Other choice picks from the Faith Bridal Spring / Summer collection shape up as follows and should also be available from early February onwards.
ACEQUINB 587206 £40 (left) CEQUINB 573506 £70 (Right)


LEROSEYB 288001 White (Left) - £70 and AROSEYB 535101 White (Right) - £40
JANGLAB 573806 Ivory (Left) - £40 and LUXURYB 578306 Ivory (Right) - £75


CADAZELB 584406 Ivory (Left) - £70 ; CIAMENTEB 578506 Ivory (Right) - £55 ; BTESSA 596306 Matching Clutch Bag (White and Ivory options) - £25

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Save the Date Cards
Free Save the Date Cards from Bride and Groom Direct

There is no such thing as a free lunch ? Is there ? I am always sceptical of these kind of offers. Free personalised stationery reminds me very much of the Vista Print deals that often accompany other purchases such as Amazon shipments etc which promise 50 free business cards or similar.  The quality is usually the biggest let down but if its free then there is nothing really to complain about.  For my wedding however I would’nt want to compromise on quality and the great thing about this deal is that there really is no catch.  It is being offered by perhaps the biggest wedding publishers in the UK, CCA Occasions, under their direct sales brand Bride and Groom Direct.  I guess, the biggest incentive for them is the hope after getting your free Save the Dates you will return to them to order the bulk of the rest of the wedding stationery in the future.

There is one small catch and that is that you only get 20 free save the date cards. For many couples this is enough because most close friends and family will soon get to hear of the big day quickly anyway and will have firmly pencilled the date in on their calendars. It would have been nice to have the option to order more at the same time which you can do but you have to order them as a separate order line forcing you to personalise both items separately. This may not be such a bad thing because you may wish to personalise the 20 free Save the Date and cards with a slightly different message.  The quality of the cards is excellent.  A fresh white vellum board with the words “Save the Date” in heavy deboss at the top and your personalised text in black beneath. 

For the free Save the dates visit Bride and Groom Direct.  If you wish to order more of the same then look out for the Elegance range for the same chargeable product.

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Wedding Dove Balloons
Wedding Dove Balloons

A release of white doves on your wedding day is certainly a dramatic finale to your wedding day celebrations. Many say it makes a symbolic symbol representing Love, Peace, Purity, Faithfulness and Prosperity and there are several companies charging a small fortune for their services on your big day. If you are caught up by the romance and meaning of it all it might be worth pointing out at this stage of the article that it is usually white homing pigeons that are used and not doves. Pigeons do not have such a romantic attachment in my view but they are well trained in the returning to their owner routine.

Now, I would much sooner have a release of birds that safely return rather than domestic bred doves that are released to the wild and, by all accounts,  their impending doom. That said, I am not a believer in any birds being caged and having exhibiting at a number of wedding shows where a dove (or more likely a pigeon) has been on display in the tiniest of cages for ‘brides to be’ to coo over (excuse the pun) I can’t see where the entertainment in that is.

Bio Dove Helium Balloon
Bio Dove Helium Balloon

So, what is the alternative.  Well, I came across these rather impressive dove shaped balloons from the Night Sky Lantern company, who are more popularly known for their impressive range of Sky Lanterns.  Apparently, these helium filled balloons have been designs to even mimic a flapping dove in flight which sounds rather impressive.  They are of course cruelty free and better still they are 100% bidegradable when exposed to water and take only 10 days to 3 months to decompose (along with the biodegradable string used to release them).   These Bio Doves are less than £40 for 10 or even cheaper if there is a valid Sky Lanterns Promotional code available over at Wedding Voucher Codes.

Dove Balloon release at a wedding
Dove Balloon release at a wedding

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Image Copyright - Wedding Cheese Cake Company
Image Copyright - Wedding Cheese Cake Company

It sounds a little bizarre, but the idea of having your wedding cake made from tiers of different cheeses has been growing in popularity in recent years.  Putting traditional aside the idea actualy makes sound economic sense during these difficult times which I am sure will feed the trend further.  After all, if the cutting of the cake / cheese is done straight after the wedding breakfast then it can be served up for the cheese and biscuits course.  Thats two ticks on your wedding planner ticked off (for the price of one).  Of course, if money is not an issue then why not have a wedding cheese cake alongside your traditional cake.  Your guests who do not have a sweet tooth will have themselves a savoury alternative

 The welcoming page from the The Wedding Cheese Cake Company make their products sound like the most natural thing in the world and they certainly do not sell the idea as a quirky or novelty alternative to the traditional iced fruit cake tradition.  Appearance is usually as important as taste with a traditional wedding cake and if you are worried that the aged mould ripened crusts of a ripe Stilton or crumbly Cheddar will be a little unsightly then you will be surprised at how pretty a cheese cake can be.  Just the different colour of cheeses and the sizes and positioning of the tiers can make an attractive sculpture.  Many of the suppliers we have found online adorn their cheeses with feathers and ribbons (however without the  flexibility of sugarpaste I guess there is not really much alternative)

Vintage Wedding Cheese Cake
Vintage Wedding Cheese Cake

Because the cheese rinds look (and generally are) very aged then the overall look of these cakes often take on a vintage appearance which make them a perfect choice for a vintage themed wedding especially when coupled with feathers as so many of the designs are.   I love the look of the  cake on the left  (again courtesy of the Wedding Cheese Cake Co) finished with dusky pink ribbon and english country garden large bloom roses.  This is a gorgeous creation that looks every bit as pretty and delicate as your traditional sugarcraft cake and I am sure tastes every bit as delicious.

The problem with looking for images of cheese cakes online is that Google cannot tell the diference between somebody looking for a dessert style ‘cheesecake’ with a biscuit base.  Perserverance will pay off and to get you started take a look at the Wedding Cheese Cake Company (link above), House of Cheese, the Cheese Works, and the The Fine Cheese Company

I guess, my only reservation with a wedding cake made of a cheese would be the smell.  I have just come back from a holiday in Somerset where I was subject to the aging process of some whiffy vintage cheddar that was being matured deep beneath the ground in Wookey Hole caves.  OK, so there were a few hundred casks of cheddar in a confined space but it may be worth checking your venue if sufficiently air conditioned.

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Is this the last post we will ever see on Bridalwave ?
Is this the last post we will ever see on Bridalwave ?

Regular readers of the wedding blog may have noted that there has been no new posts for around 3 weeks.  That may not seem that unusual especially when you consider we regularly leave it 3 or so weeks to write a new article here on Weddingo.  The difference with Bridalwave is that they are part of the blog network machine that goes by the name Shiny Media and they have regularly been writing 2 or 3 posts a day without exception for the last 3 years non stop.

It turns out that the reason that the cogs stopped turning at Bridalwave and almost every other specialist blog in the Shiny network is that the company went into administration at the end of July.  A few online reports seemed to suggest that this was a company that tried to grow too big too quickly.  I have dipped in and out of Bridalwave over the last couple of years and many of their posts hold my interest but there are also rather a lot that read as though they have been churned out quickly just to achieve a publishing quota.  My golden rule with any blog is that if you have not got anything interesting to say then say nothing.  That is also my excuse for not having posted for a while on Weddingo ;-)

0 76 is a brand new website from the people behind Wedding Ideas magazine.  Its a great idea and one that I have’nt come across before.  In  nutshell, its a national directory of wedding fairs, wedding dress designer days and other wedding related events organised by county.  Most of the big wedding portals such as Confetti and Hitched have their own wedding fair section but they often tucked away on the website and many important local events are missing.  A definitive resource is a great idea.

My Local Wedding
My Local Wedding

Wedding Ideas Magazine has grown very quickly in the past couple of years to become the 2nd most popular wedding magazine in the UK.  Their website is also very popular and I imagine that with the referals sent from these two sources this new site will soon establish itself as the authority for seeking out up and coming wedding show dates for brides to be.  Unfortunately, its very early days and the listings on the site are currently very sparse.  I expect the diary will soon fill up very quickly as the word spreads and event organisers get to hear about though.  One to add your internet favourites if you are in the early stages of wedding planning.

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The Weddingo team have just launched a new site. Wedding Voucher Codes will be listing all the latest money saving voucher codes and promotional codes from all the top wedding stores. The project is ongoing because we are adding new codes and deals every day.  The best thing about it is that all the deals are 100% free.  There is no catch you just need to enter the special discount codes when you check out of one of our featured stores and your discount will automatically be applied.

Wedding Voucher Codes
Wedding Voucher Codes

On its launch we have a Voucher Code for 10% off everything off everything at Confetti, 10% off Wedding Sky Lanterns (that we featured on this site last year) , and a 15% off promotional code off scrummy wedding favours at Thorntons.  We also have money saving codes from Formally Yours, Visaprint, and CCA Wedding.    There will be lots more companies being added over the coming days and weeks so it is one of those sites we hope you will bookmark so you can keep coming back to check as you plan your wedding.

Please let us know what you think of the site in the comments below and whether there are wedding companies you are looking for a voucher code for and we will see if we can help.

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I always feel disheartened when the latest survey is published about attitudes towards marriage.  Today, the National Statistics Office published their Annual Social Trends survey which, as always, reveals that the number of marriages has been declining each year since 1972 whilst the number of partners cohabiting has increased.  In 2006, there were 237,000 marriages in England and Wales, the lowest number since 1895.
I personally think marriage is a wonderful thing and hate seeing these clinical true or false statements posed in a typical Statistics Office Survey below.
It is disappointing to read that two thirds (66%) of people in Great Britain think that there is little difference between being married and living together, but encouraging to read that more than half (56%) think it is still the best kind of relationship.  I guess what it boils down to is a lack of desire for the more old fashioned reasons for marriage – Love, romance, committment and honour.
Source : British Social Attitudes Survey : Office for National Statistics
Source : British Social Attitudes Survey : Office for National Statistics

The survey also revealed that the average age to wed for the first time in the UK was nearly 30 for women in 2006 and about 32 for men.  This is about two years later in life than a decade earlier.  This was about the age that I married and I guess many others like me feel the need to secure a roof over our heads before saving for a marriage.  In the end, we chose a cheap budget registry office wedding which makes me half regret not getting married much sooner.  Unfortunately, it is all to easy to think about the practicalities of marriage rather than the true reasons because I would’nt have swapped our wedding day for all the savings in the world.

For more depressing news on marriage and divorce statistics, not to mention our obsession with house ownership and overfeeding our children you can download the full 252 page report from the National Office of Statistics website.  Better still, forget that and buck the trend by telling us all the lovely reasons you are getting married in the comments below.